Homenetmen Eastern U.S.A. provides for its more than 500 scouts the opportunity to learn about themselves as Armenians, while developing in each individual a sense of social and moral responsibility. The program is developed and implemented by the Scout Council, a body appointed by the Regional Executive. It features regional camping trips and seminars on scouting and Armenian-related topics, supplemented by illustrated manuals written Armenian language. Following completion of each educational manual, a final exam is administered, and those who pass receive the appropriate badge and certificate.


The Scouting program also features troop activities such as field trips to local museums, and amusement parks. Moreover, each troop hosts an
annual camping trip, inviting other chapter members to participate.

In addition to regional activities, scouts from the Eastern United States have participated in Homenetmen's world jamborees.

2014-2015 Regional Scouts Committee (RSC)
K. Elizabeth Dramgotchian - Chairwoman
K. Talin Diarbian  - Secretary
K. Zepur Kahwajian - Correspondance Secretary  
Y. Sembat Dramgotchian - Regional Khmpabed
K. Sosse Beujekian - Regional Khmpabedouhi


Homenetmen Eastern Region Scout Camp 2001

Homenetmen Eastern Region Scout Camp 2002

Homenetmen Eastern Region Scout Camp 2004



Homenetmen 7th World Jamboree