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MARZIG (Sportsman in Armenian), is the official monthly publication 
of the Ho-Men-Et-Men worldwide organization, published in Beirut, Lebanon.

Since the first issue of February 1980 MARZIG is distributed regularly in the 87 cities where there are Ho-Men-Et-Men chapters, including Lebanon, Armenia, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Kuwait, Egypt, Greece, Bulgaria, Austria, Italy, France, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Canada, U.S.A., Argentina, Uruguay and Australia.

MARZIG is published in 40 full color pages, with regular columns, reports and articles in the Armenian language, that introduce:

  1. The activities of the different Ho-Men-Et-Men branches.
  2. Educational and guidance themes.
  3. Organizational subjects.
  4. Scouting activities and interests.
  5. Physical fitness.
  6. Sports in Armenia.
  7. World sports events.
  8. Events from history.
  9. Interviews.
  10. Internet page.
  11. Children's page.
  12. Crossword.
  13. Readers' corner.
  14. Editorials.

Subscription is on a prepaid annual basis, 
with the following rates:
Middle East and Europe: US $55.
Canada, U.S.A., South America and Australia: US $65.
Contact MARZIG, P.O. Box 80486, Bourj-Hammoud, LEBANON
Contact your local chapter for subscription.